About us

Easy Gifts is a promotional gift trading partner across Europe. Our task is to keep our partners' back free.
Our warehouse for Central Europe is located directly in Nuremberg. The brand new high rack warehouse is provided with absolutely modern technology concerning warehouse and transportation issues. An experienced warehouse team works day and night. Our rapidity is hard to beat; our warehouse is constantly opened from Mondays 6am to Fridays 6pm.
Your neutral orders (if on stock) will leave our stock the same or the next day latest.
However, that’s not all. We do also have our print office directly in the house with all necessary finishing techniques like silkscreen-, digital- and pad printing (up to 5 colours), silkscreen- and digital transfer print, laser engraving (YAG, diodes, CO²and UV), embroideries (up to 12 colours).
The complete pre-process is processed in our house. You receive a neutral PDF file for free including a film in original size as well as a true-to-scale print layout integrated into the respective product. Thus it is ensured that you and your customer know how his advertising will look like.
This results in customers’ satisfaction – and this in turn results in more success.
Additionally, we offer a catalogue which makes working easier for you. Each item is specified in detail in our catalogue; thanks to a big picture and due to the big printed scale prices, the customer receives a quick impression. If your customer likes both he will read the description text carefully, which leaves no question unanswered.
Furthermore, besides all the points mentioned above, good prices are important for you as a trader as well as for your customer, of course.
You can order our full product range catalogue (ca. 250 pages) for only € 1.49! 

Our formula for your success:

So for you and your customer: IT´S EASY NOW!