Licensing of the company EASYGIFTS

In August  2012 EASY GIFTS has successfully reached the ISO certification in accordance with ISO9001:2008. In the course of the certification internal processes have been examined and evaluated. Decisive factor for the certification is the compliance of basic criteria, which are the basis for a functional and successful company. Our customers can benefit from our certified company structure, as it offers efficient processes when handling orders.  We are always anxious on improving and developing smooth cycles within the processes in order to increase our customers’ satisfaction. We are supported by the DEKRA Consulting GmbH, who is constantly holding audits in our house.

The resulting paper cardboard boxes are registered at the RESY Organisation for Valuable Material Regulation and are marked with the RESY symbol at the large and small packing. The identification number 10856 confirms EASYGIFTS GmbH as registered member. Thus all our packing is registered at the RESY Disposal System and guarantees an environmental-friendly disposal.

Furthermore EASYGIFTS also confirms that all electrical products which are subject to the EU law 2002/95/EC, are produced suitable to ROHS and correspond to all legal obligations. Our electrical products, which are subject to this regulation, are labelled with the following symbol on the item or the packing:

“Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.”

The use of the WEEE number „DE 72005675“, which you can find on every electrical item or its packing, is also liable to pay the costs. The fees are paid to the responsible office “Foundation for Old Electrical Appliances Register”.

With the additional registration of our goods at the eds-r GmbH/Rücknahmesystem the circuit is closed again and thus a professional disposal guaranteed. This enables your customers to hand the electronic scrap over to various collection stations or other designated facilities.

Disposal costs for batteries which you have to pay for electronic items are paid over to the foundation GRS under the registration number 9901254. Thus the customer is assured when buying items, that he can give back the batteries at any dealer, who also deals with batteries.